Outsourcing Your Ad Trafficking

You will have your own dedicated ad trafficker that you can email, call or IM at any time. You will deal with the same trafficker(s) at all times, that way they learn your business and your expectations – this allows us to operate closer to you and more in line with the offering of an in-house team rather than an outsourced solution. There are no account managers to sit between you and the actual trafficker. We have no ticketing systems; just proactive traffickers who can manage their own workloads, they are all equipped with telephones and instant messaging for queries. All of your trafficking will be completed in the UK.

You will receive email confirmation immediately after a campaign has been trafficked and at the end of the month we'll provide you with a summary of all work carried out so you have full visibility. During this time we will advise, free of charge, on any trafficking points that your business could benefit from. You are in full control of how much work you send us. Standard trafficking turn around times are usually within 2 hours but guaranteed within 24hrs (subject to the task at hand).

No Strings Attached

Should your ad trafficking needs change then there's no tie-in, other than one month's notice. We're also here to help, so if you have any questions or the above work does not exactly cover what you need then please feel free to call and we can advise.

The Next Steps

We go through the following to ensure all trafficking is done correctly and to ensure we allocate sufficient resources to you we'll need to learn about your current business model, the number of campaigns booked per month and the technologies used. Typically, we'd go through the following steps once the contract has been signed:

  • Meet up to introduce to you your personal traffickers and go through your current selling and Ad Ops process

  • Ascertain what operating systems you use and what work will be required with an approximate anticipated work load

  • TrafficRich will then document the main trafficking process and any specific rules that need to be adhered to i.e. priority levels, ads excepted and targeting

  • Obtain logins for TrafficRich, you email us some campaigns to traffic and we traffic them as quickly as we can!

  • At the end of the calendar month TrafficRich will email an excel sheet that itemises all work instructed and billed with a corresponding invoice.